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The Mathematics
of the Mind

To still the mind, in a world where we must constantly endure the bombardment of discordance, is to know real power. The man or woman who fully possess their mind is a person who consistently performs at a peak level, no matter the prevailing circumstances.

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"The greatest gift that God
has given man is life itself.
Yet, the second greatest gift after
life itself is guidance."

Brother Nuri Muhammad  



Nuri Muhammad is the author of the

successful book "Before You Say I Do",

and advises on how to have successful relationships and marriages.

Brief Bio Sketch of Student Minister Nuri Muhammad

Brother Nuri Muhammad, Student Minister of the Honorable Minister Louis
Farrakhan, Author, Activist, Mentor, Life Coach and Entrepreneur.

Brother Nuri is known for messages that have a balanced mix of inspiration and information which has made him one the most sought after speakers in the country. Whether it is a high school, church, college, prison, banquet or conference, his gift to collaborate scripture, science, and history in a user friendly way has him delivering 100s of keynotes in 40-60 cities a year. Author of five books, Before You Say I Do, After You Say I Do, Let this Mind Be In You, The 7 Jewels of God, and The Black Woman: The 2nd Self of God. Three of which are best sellers on Amazon Books.


Excerpts of his speeches have been used in the songs of several major recording artists. Bro. Nuri also released his own album titled the Black Excellence Manifesto Vol. 1. A rhythm of truth project that mixes Bro. Nuri’s lecture excerpts with Hip Hop and R&B artists laying tracks on 9 critical subjects of black excellence.

Nuri Muhammad has appeared on Revolt TV Justice or Else series, Vlad

TV with DJ Vlad, Ebro in the morning on Hot 97, The Joe Budden Podcast, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and The Breakfast Club with

Charlamagne the God, DJ. Envy, and Angela Yee.

In addition to the National and International contributions he makes,

Bro. Nuri takes great pride in being the Student Minister of Muhammad
Mosque #74 in Indianapolis. This state of the art facility houses 
the Mosque, Classrooms, and two restaurants, Eat to Live Cafe and Always Bean. It is affectionately called “the miracle on 38th street” because it was purchased by young blacks people, designed by black architects, and renovated by all black construction. Thanks to the sacrifice of the laborers and believers of Mosque #74, on July of 2020, the Mosque complex was paid off.


Now Available!!

By my baby girl, Qahharah Muhammad
A precious jewel, left by a precious jewel.


This book is to help men and women manifest
a happier life, heal from trauma and be at peace
which will lead to better health and more success.


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Brother Nuri inspires and mobilizes in high schools, colleges, prisons, churches, mosques, and community centers with a special focus on unlocking the genius in youth. He is known for what many call, a "User Friendly" way of teaching God, Politics, Health, Wealth and Liberation Theology.